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Malaya Shrimp

Orange Delight Shrimp

Orange Sunkist Shrimp, Fanta Shrimp, Orange Soda Shrimp

Sri Lanka Dwarf Shrimp

Ninja Shrimp

Red Line Shrimp

Dark Green Shrimp

Red Nose Shrimp (Pinocchio Shrimp)

Green Shrimp

Matano Tiger Shrimp, Six Banded Blue Bee

Blue Leg Poso Shrimp

Dwarf Aquarium Shrimp

Blue Pearl Shrimp

White Pearl Shrimp

Nectarine Shrimp, Marbled Dwarf Shrimp, Redback Shrimp

Rili Shrimp

Taiwan Glass Shrimp (Taiwan Ghost Shrimp)

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