IKRAmogatec EM 1200, cultivator

IKRAmogatec EM 1200, cultivator Photo

IKRAmogatec EM 1200, cultivator Photo

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IKRAmogatec EM 1200 description and characteristics:

supported attachmentsno
depth of cultivation (cm)22.00
rotation speed, min (rev/min)360.00
rotation speed, max (rev/min)360.00
the direction of rotation of cuttersdirect
number of cutters included4.00
width tillage, min (cm)40.00
width tillage, max (cm)40.00
engine typeelectric
type of gearworm
number of gears (forward)1.00
number of gears (back)0.00
motor power (hp)1.63
engine power (kW)1.20
presence of reverseno


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